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About the sector

The community managed mental health sector is a key provider of mental health services and supports to people in the community.

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Annual Reports

Find detailed information on the work we do to support the community managed mental health sector.

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Latest news

Catch up on all the latest news and stories from the community-based mental health sector.

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Discover a range of ways to connect and learn through our events, forums and talks.

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Mental Health Rights Manual

An online guide to help explain your legal and human rights in the mental health and human services systems in New South Wales.

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Recovery Oriented Language Guide

Words are important. The language we use and the stories we tell have great significance to all involved.

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Registered training

Build on your lived experience or on-the-job experience and receive a nationally recognised qualification.

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Customised training

Contact us to design a professional development solution for your workforce and organisation.

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Our members

Our members are community managed mental health organisations, large and small, local and NSW-wide service providers.

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Join a strong network of community-based mental health organisations delivering better outcomes for people in New South Wales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my course being paused?

We continue to be committed to providing students with quality training and resources as a leader in our sector. Work is underway on the development of our courses to enhance and update our certificate training to meet industry needs and better support our students. We want to ensure we continue to offer the best pathway to mental health training for the community-based mental health sector.  

Why can’t I access the online learning?

Students who are in courses that are being paused until early 2024 will no longer have access to the online learning material via Coassemble. This is to ensure that any further training and assessment is aligned with updates being made. No learning or assessment work needs to be completed whilst the course is on pause.    

I know another student who is continuing their studies – why can’t I?

It’s great that you are keen to continue your studies and complete your course. Each student’s circumstance is unique, and we have tailored each training pathway to be responsive to these individual circumstances.

When will I know the new start date for my course?  

Course recommencement dates are currently being finalised. You will be notified of your course recommencement date at least three (3) weeks in advance. In the meantime, please ensure your contact details are up to date with us to be informed of course information for 2024. 

Will I have the same trainer?

While we will endeavour to ensure the same trainer for all courses to promote continuity, there may be a requirement for some courses to merge meaning you will have a new trainer. All of our trainers and assessors are suitably qualified and able to deliver our courses. Further information will be provided when course re-commencement dates are announced.  

Will my classes be on the same day and time as they are currently? 

While we will minimise as much change as possible to promote continuity, there may be a requirement for course dates and times to change. Further information will be provided when course recommencement dates are announced.

Will I be required to do more work when my course starts again?  

When courses recommence in 2024, you will pick up on the next subject you were due to start in 2023. Any new online learning and assessment you complete will not require additional work. Instead, the new resources will have updated information, and provide further ease, clarity and instruction to help you progress through your course. We will continue to welcome feedback from students on any aspect of our courses.  

I have submitted assessments, but they haven’t been marked. What happens with these?  

All marking for assessments submitted up until courses were paused on 1 November 2023 will be up to date and you will have access to your results for these. You will not have access to Coassemble during the period your course is paused. If you have submitted an assessment prior to this date, your assessment feedback will be emailed to you. If you have submitted an assessment after this date, including via email, please note that this will not be marked as updated resources will be released in 2024 and you will need to submit assessments using the new resources 

What happens to the assessment due dates?

When courses recommence in 2024, you will receive an updated training plan with new unit start dates and assessment due dates for the remaining subjects you need to complete.  

Does this mean I will finish my course later than expected?

The course dates will be extended. Access to the online learning and assessment will be paused until your course recommences in 2024. However, once courses recommence, you will be able to complete online learning and assessments as usual, noting that assessments submitted before the due date will not be marked until the due date has passed.   

How can I provide feedback?

The right to provide feedback is an important one that we value. If you would like to do so, please email studentsupport@mhcc.org.au and a member of our team will follow up with you. Alternatively, you can contact the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) here.


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