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The community managed mental health sector is a key provider of mental health services and supports to people in the community.

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Mental Health Rights Manual

An online guide to help explain your legal and human rights in the mental health and human services systems in New South Wales.

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Recovery Oriented Language Guide

Words are important. The language we use and the stories we tell have great significance to all involved.

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Registered training

Build on your lived experience or on-the-job experience and receive a nationally recognised qualification.

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Contact us to design a professional development solution for your workforce and organisation.

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Our members are community managed mental health organisations, large and small, local and NSW-wide service providers.

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Join a strong network of community-based mental health organisations delivering better outcomes for people in New South Wales.

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Professional Development

UPSKILL your career

Explore our range of highly regarded training pathways for the mental health workforce.

Mental Health Coordinating Council takes COVID safety seriously. We are now delivering face-to-face training with arrangements to minimise the spread of COVID-19. Please see COVID-Safe Training for details.

Understanding and Responding to Trauma

This face-to-face course provides a comprehensive look at trauma in a social service and healthcare setting, and aims to provide tools to better support people who have experienced trauma. Course details Do you provide support and practical assistance to people who have experienced trauma? Trauma survivors are at risk of being re-traumatised in social service […]

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Connecting Physical & Mental Health

Learn how mental and physical health interact, and strategies to improve the physical health of the people you work to support. Course details Connecting Physical and Mental Health equips mental health workers with vital strategies to improve the physical health of the people they work to support. People living with mental health conditions have a […]

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Understanding Mental Health

An introductory course teaching essential skills for workers in community settings to support hope, recovery and connection among people living with mental health conditions. Course details Gain the confidence to support and respond to people living with a mental health condition, using recovery-oriented, person-centred principles. Understanding Mental Health is an introductory course created with the […]

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Understanding Medication

Helping people you support to understand and manage their medication. Course details For many people medication is a part of their recovery journey. For people living with a mental health condition, having an understanding of the impact of medication can increase their sense of control over their health and recovery. Feel more confident to support […]

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Safe Storytelling

Half day workshop to improve the skills of participants who use their lived experience in service provision. Course outline The Safe Storytelling workshop teaches participants about purposeful, meaningful and sustainable storytelling, which can help guide interactions that require shared storytelling of lived experience. Participants will be given the chance to craft their own purposeful story, […]

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Managing Workers with Lived Experience

This two-day course will help participants understand the ethical rights of workers who experience mental health conditions. This includes the right to freedom from stigma, stereotypes and assumptions, the recognition of changing needs and the right to self-determination. Course details Managing Workers with Lived Experience is for managers, team leaders and HR professionals who support […]

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Motivational Interviewing

Support people through change via an effective person-centred approach used widely in therapeutic settings.¬† Course details Motivational Interviewing (MI) uses a therapeutic, person-centred approach to evoke a person’s own motivation to make change happen.¬†People who are not provided the opportunity to explore their own concerns and fears are unlikely to sustain the changes they make. […]

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Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

This face-to-face introductory course teaches the fundamentals of Motivational Interviewing for use in person-centred counselling. Course details Motivational Interviewing is a guiding style of communication that uses the principles and practices of person-centred counselling to evoke a conversation with a person about their personal motivation for change. This workshop includes a presentation, group discussion and […]

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Responding to the Risk of Suicide

This course teaches participants simple, effective interventions and skills that can save lives and provide support to people at risk of suicide. Course details Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians between the ages of 15 and 44 years. The impact of suicide has a devastating impact on families, friends and whole communities. […]

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