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Seeking external consultant for Embracing Change project evaluation

MHCC is seeking an external consultant to evaluate the Embracing Change project, which has been supported through grant funding from the Australian Government.

Embracing Change: Applying the NDIS Practice Standards in Psychosocial Services

This project will deliver ten webinars and one national forum for organisations that provide services to people living with, or at risk to develop, psychosocial disability and their supporters, who also have, or are potentially eligible for, an NDIS plan. The project is being conducted from July 2019 – July 2021.

The project aims to create greater national awareness of the NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators as they apply in the provision of psychosocial support services. It also aims to support existing and prospective NDIS psychosocial service providers to achieve increasing alignment of service delivery practices with the NDIS Practice Standards and registration requirements.

Target Audience

The target audience of the project includes both existing and prospective registered providers of NDIS psychosocial services to people living with, or at risk to develop, psychosocial disability and their supporters, who also have, or are potentially eligible for, an NDIS plan. This would include, but not be limited to:

Evaluation Background

MHCC is seeking evaluation of whether the project has successfully achieved its objectives and outcomes. The evaluation should consider the following:

To what extent would (for prospective providers), or did (for existing providers) the project deliverables contribute to the following outcomes for the target audience:

Data Collection Timing and Methods

Quantitative and qualitative data should be collected to monitor and evaluate the impact of project activities and deliverables. Relevant and reliable data should be collected before, during and after webinars and the national forum, as well as at other times over the course of the project as appropriate.

The methods to be used to collect the data could include, but should not necessarily be limited to:


The following deliverables would be required:


The evaluator is accountable to MHCC for the completion of the contracted deliverable’s within the agreed time frame.


$10,000 – $15,000 (including GST)

Webinars and National Forum Dates
24 Oct 2019 Webinar 1
28 Nov 2019 Webinar 2
5 Mar 2020 Webinar 3
30 Apr 2020 Webinar 4
25 Jun 2020 Webinar 5
27 Aug 2020 Webinar 6
29 Oct 2020 Webinar 7
03 Dec 2020 Webinar 8
28 May 2021 National Forum: Quality and Safety in NDIS Psychosocial Services
24 Jun 2021 Webinar 10
Selection Criteria

In submitting the EOI, interested parties should address the above criteria and submit a proposed costing and timeline for the completion of the evaluation.

EOI Deadline – COB 29 January 2020

Find more about the Embracing Change project here

Next Steps

MHCC will assess each application and invite candidates to interview. All candidates will be notified of the outcome.
MHCC will notify the successful applicant by mid-February 2020.

For any questions, please contact Vanessa Bell, MHCC Project Officer by email or phone: vanessa@mhcc.org.au or (02) 9555 8388 ext 112

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