Workforce Development Reference Group

MHCC's workforce development strategy has been guided and informed by the Workforce Development Reference Group, which is made up of a broad range of representatives including: 

  • Representatives from NGOs specialising in mental health
  • Other NGOs whose client base includes those with a mental illness
  • Consumer groups
  • Carer groups
  • Others with experience and interest in training and other areas of workforce development.

The Group has provided MHCC with advice and knowledge of the NGO mental health workforce sector's training and workforce development needs. The reference group has also:

  • assisted MHCC to identify gaps and opportunities for the strategy to develop the capacity of the sector's workforce;
  •  provided guidance on how to best implement any initiatives identified; and 
  •  met regularly to deal with issues that arise in the mental health sector.

After having worked hard for three years to help MHCC establish the LDU and set up our other workforce development projects the Workforce Development Reference Group has now gone into recess until further notice.

Terms of Reference

May 2007 Draft