What people are saying about community sector Practice Placements?

"Community managed mental health sector placements ... allow students to understand that people's lived experience (of mental illness) is the way to work ... they need to be supported to their own definition of recovery, not one imposed by clinical services".

Dr Cathy Kezelman
Consumer Representative
President, ASCA and MHCC Board Member

"I think (the Placement Listing is) fantastic! We're constantly looking to provide new kinds of learning opportunities for students ...  it's so detailed about the what programs are being run in different organisations ... and requirements for students - it makes our job much easier".

Professor Lindy McAllister
Associate Dean - Work Integrated Learning
University of Sydney, Faculty of Health Sciences

"For programs like this to succeed, it's important to have ... an organisation that can bring together employers and educational institutions. There (also) needs to be greater recognition ... that workplaces do provide sites for learning ... they are not just a site of service delivery".

Professor John Buchanan
Director, Workplace Research Centre
University of Sydney, School of Business