Professional Entry Practice Placements in the Community Managed Mental Health Sector

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The primary objective of the 2013 'Practice Placement Project' (PPP) was to establish relationships between universities and non-government community managed organisations (CMOs/NGOs) that deliver services to people affected by mental illness/distress towards increasing professional entry practice placement opportunities in NSW. The broader context of the project was to better understand community sector options to increase health workforce training capacity given the increasing shortage of available student placements in public and private hospitals and health care settings and predicted 2025 health workforce shortages.[1]


This was an extremely valued and important opportunity to increase the availability of training places, expose emerging health professionals to recovery oriented service provision, enhance future service coordination and encourage new entrants into the community managed mental health workforce.

At the completion of the project MHCC was well positioned to pursue opportunities to scale up structured approaches to training placements both in NSW and nationally.


Practice Placement Resources

This collection of resources was developed through the project to help ensure sustainability of the learning that has occurred and to support CMOs and higher education providers (HEPS) to undertake community sector student practice placements - both during and after the PPP.

  • Scoping Report 
  • Placement Guide 
  • Placement Listing 
  • Project Report
  • Webcast


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The Practice Placement Project was funded by Health Workforce Australia (HWA) through the NSW Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) and Sydney Interdisciplinary Clinical Training Network (ICTN).

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Students - we need your feedback

If you are a student undertaking a practice placement in a community sector mental health setting you are invited to complete the following brief e-survey to help us continue to build community sector mental health practice placement capacity.

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