Creating Tommorrow’s Workforce Today: Practice Placements in the Community Managed Mental Health Sector

A word about language...

Rather than use the term 'clinical placement' to refer to the student placement period in a community managed organisation (CMO), this project uses the term 'practice placement'.

Traditionally, the word 'clinical' has been associated with a medical model of treatment, rehabilitation and support.

The clinical model focuses on assessing a person's symptoms, and treating them systematically.

CMOs deliver both 'clinical' and 'non-clinical' (ie, psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery/disability support) services.

However, the term 'non-clinical' has decreasing usage as it fails to give due recognition to:

  • the importance of looking at individuals holistically
  • using a recovery oriented approach that takes into account social context and other factors that impact on an individual's well-being (e.g., social connectedness; meaningful employment or activities; secure housing; and, access to a range of services)
  • maximising consumer autonomy and self-direction in all aspects of service delivery.