Trauma-Informed Care & Practice: Conference 2011 Presentations

In July 2011 MHCC held the landmark Trauma Informed Care & Practice: Meeting the Challenge Conference, delivered by MHCC in collaboration with ASCA (now the Blue Knot Foundation), Education Centre Against Violence (ECAV) and the Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network (PMHCCN), funded by the NSW Health Mental Health Drug & Alcohol Office (MHDAO). The Hon Mark Butler MP, then Minister for Mental Health and Ageing, Minister for Social Inclusion, opened the event with a video. Over 240 people from every state in Australia and New Zealand attended both days.

The conference included a specially made video presentation from Kathleen Guarino, a high-profile professional working in the trauma field for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in the USA. This was the first trauma informed care and practice conference in Australia, which is astonishing in view of the broad-based interest in the subject across Australian mental health and human services and the extensive activities, training and related resources that focus on the area.

While the material from the conference is now five years old, MHCC believes that many of the videos and papers are still relevant. We invite you to enjoy the diversity
of presentations and slides and see how far we have come since 2011 but also reflect on what still needs to happen in this space.