Recovery Oriented Service Self-Assessment Toolkit - ROSSAT

The Mental Health Coordinating Council (MHCC) and Being | Mental Health & Wellbeing Consumer Advisory Group (CAG) have worked in partnership with people affected by mental health problems and service providers to develop a recovery oriented service provision quality improvement resource for mental health services.

The Recovery Oriented Service Self-Assessment Toolkit (ROSSAT) has been designed to assist organisations and workers to:

  • Assess their level of recovery oriented service provision
  • Reflect on both individual and organisational practice in relation to recovery oriented service provision
  • Identify and work on areas requiring improved practice in the delivery of recovery oriented services.

ROSSAT Consultancy

MHCC provides a consultancy service to help organisations improve recovery oriented practice.

1. Assessment

Organisations will be offered the opportunity to have a ROSSAT Assessment undertaken to determine their current level of recovery oriented service provision. The ROSSAT Assessment will be conducted onsite by a ROSSAT Consultant skilled in recovery oriented practice and organisational systems.

2.Recommendations & Planning

Organisations will receive a tailored Assessment Report designed to guide them through the development of a comprehensive action plan to enhance recovery oriented service provision at both individual practice and systems levels.


The ROSSAT Consultant is available to support organisations to implement policy, practice and systems changes in line with identified areas for development in recovery orientated approaches.

Download the ROSSAT Consultancy flyer

For more information about the ROSSAT Consultancy or ROSSAT tools contact:
MHCC on 02 9555 8388 or email:

ROSSAT Version 2 Tools and information are now available.

ROSSAT V2 is a psychometrically validated revision of the original ROSSAT Toolkit. It is comprised of four documents: The User Guide, the Tool for Workers (T4W). the Tool for Organisations (T4O) and the Cross Reference to the NSMHS. 


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ROSSAT User Resources 


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Other ROSSAT Documents 


Development Project

This ROSSAT Development project involved five key components:

  1. A Literature Review regarding recovery and recovery oriented service provision
  2. Consultations with consumers, carers and service providers from community managed mental health services
  3. The development of the ROSSAT Tool for Workers (T4W) and the Tool for Organisations (T4O)
  4. A trial of the ROSSAT tools within mental health services.
  5. Cross reference of the ROSSAT Tool for Organisations with the National Standards for Mental Health Services (2010)


Psychometrics and Validation Project

The second stage of ROSSAT involved the validation of the tools and an investigation into its usability over a six-month period in preparation for in depth testing of the tool's psychometric properties.


ROSSAT User Resources


ROSSAT v2 Cross-Reference to the National Standards for Mental Health Services (NSMHS) 


ROSSAT v2 User Guide