Useful Health Websites

The following directory may be useful to you if you have a physical health need or would like information about a health related issue. Each agency includes a brief description on what services they provide. Contact information can be found on the websites provided for each agency.

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Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services NSW

Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services, also known as Aboriginal Medical Services (AMS'), provide culturally appropriate primary health care and health services to their communities.

A consumer health services directory can be found on the site so you can locate an Aboriginal Medical Service in your area.

Aboriginal Sexual Health Workers - NSW 

Aboriginal sexual health workers provide a link between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and health services around sexual health related issues. Workers are based in both the public and community controlled health sectors within all areas of NSW. If there is not a worker listed in your area, you can phone the worker nearest to where you live, as the Aboriginal sexual health worker may visit that area or they may be able to provide you with useful contacts for the local area.



Arthritis NSW

Arthritis Australia 

Arthritis NSW is for people of all ages. The organisation provides support, advice and information to people with arthritis, osteoporosis or other musculoskeletal conditions and their families. It enables you to develop self-management skills and promotes community awareness of the issues associated with arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions. There are 50 branches in NSW that provide support groups for people with Arthritis.

By calling the Telephone Information Service Line, you can talk to a registered nurse about your concerns or enquiries regarding your condition, a family members or friends condition, whether it is Arthritis or Osteoporosis.

Telephone Information Service Line toll free on: 1800 011 041(call costs higher from mobiles and public phones).

Available: Monday to Friday, between 11am and 3pm.

This website provides information sheets and booklets about arthritis as well as information to link users in with arthritis support services for people with arthritis as well as their families and friends.



Asthma Foundation 

The Asthma Foundation can offer you information about the causes of asthma, symptoms to look out for, how to find out if you have asthma and what can trigger it. The website gives you practical information about living with and managing your asthma.

The Asthma Foundation Information Line toll free on: 1800 645 130 (call costs higher from mobiles and public phones).

Available: Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm.



Cancer Council NSW 

The Cancer Council NSW and Cancer Council Queensland provides information about detecting cancer, checkups and screenings for men and women, sun protection, smoking, healthy weight and eating, cancer risks, one to one support, education and more.

NSW Regional offices are in Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Gosford, Tamworth, Alstonville, Coffs Harbour, Wagga Wagga and Orange.



Carers Australia 

Carers Australia is the national peak body representing carers in Australia. The website has links for carer's services in each state.

The purpose of Carers Australia and the network of carers associations in each State and Territory is to improve the lives of carers. Together we provide important services like counselling, advice, advocacy, education and training. We also promote the recognition of carers to governments, businesses and the wider public.   

It is an association for relatives and friends caring for people with a disability, mental illness, drug and alcohol dependency, chronic condition, terminal illness or who are frail.

Services include:Carer support groups that allow carers to meet on a regular basis to discuss caring situations, socialise, share information and support each other; Community education; Carer Support Kits; Fact sheets, information and e-bulletins.

Carer Advisory and Counselling Service toll free on: 1800 242 636 (call costs higher from mobiles and public phones).

Available: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, 9am-8pm



Dental Services NSW 

1. Under the Medicare Chronic Disease Dental Scheme, Medicare benefits are available for most services provided by a dentist, dental specialist or dental prosthesis in private dental surgeries.

To receive a Medicare benefit for dental services, certain eligibility criteria must be met anda referral from the GP to a dentist is required.

To be eligible for dental services under Medicare, a person must have a chronic medical condition and complex care needs and their oral health must be impacting on, or likely to impact on, their general health.

Complex care needs means that a person is receiving ongoing care from a multidisciplinary team, which includes a GP and at least two other health or care providers.

2. NSW Area Health Services public dental services provide the Oral Health Fee for Service Scheme (OHFFSS). Free dental care is available at NSW public dental clinics for adults who hold a Centrelink Health Care card, Pensioner card or Seniors Concession card, and a Medicare card.

Eligible NSW residents may receive dental treatment either directly through the public dental service or be given an OHFFSS voucher to receive treatment from a registered dental practitioner such as a dentist &/or prosthesis.


Diabetes NSW 

Diabetes Australia

Diabetes Australia - NSW and Queensland both provide advocacy, resources, support, programs, guidelines, health and management information (incl. in Arabic and Chinese) and events for people of all ages living with, or at risk of Diabetes. A series of culturally specific resources have been developed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The 'Cycle of Care' information sheet outlines the targets that have been set to help people with diabetes maintain the recommended cycle of self care.

Find information about Diabetes for those wanting to minimise risk and those that have been diagnosed.

NSW outlets include: Glebe, Inverell, Newcastle, Tamworth, Wagga Wagga & Wollongong.


Mental Health Council of Australia 

The Publications page of MHCA has a 'Diabetes and Psychotic Disorders: Guide for Consumers and Carers' that can be downloaded.



Dieticians Association of Australia 

The Dieticians Association of Australia (DAA) has branches in each State and Territory and is the leader in nutrition or better food, better health and wellbeing for all.

The site offers an option for searching Accredited Practising Dieticians in your area.

The DAA also provides a range of publications to keep members informed about the profession and current issues in nutrition and dietetics. These include Nutrition & Dietetics, website, newsletters, handbooks and pamphlets.

Start Exercising 

Use the Industry Directory on the Health & Fitness Industry's consumer website to find registered exercise professionals, gyms and fitness centres. Professional registration shows a commitment to exceptional standards of customer care, quality and professionalism.

Healthy & Active Australia 

This website provides a range of information and initiatives on healthy eating, regular physical activity and overweight and obesity to assist all Australians to lead healthy and active lives.

Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service 

The Get Healthy Service is a telephone service aimed at providing information and ongoing support for adults in relation to healthy eating, physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight.

Better Health Channe

The Better Health Channel provides health and medical information to help individuals and their communities improve their health and wellbeing. The information provided is; quality assured and reliable; up to date; easy to understand.



Alcohol and Drug Information Service 

Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS) is a 24 hour confidential and anonymous information, advice and referral service. You can access information about drugs, including methadone, safer injecting advice, parent advice and detox.

Alcohol and Drug Information Service: (02) 9361 8000 (local call cost) or toll free on 1800 422 599 (outside Sydney) (costs higher from mobiles and public phones).



Butterfly Foundation 

The Butterfly Foundation provides a variety of services to those experiencing an eating disorder, negative body image and those who care for them.

Our email and telephone support service is available Monday to Friday during business hours on 1800 33 4673 and at

We encourage anyone who is struggling with an eating disorder of carer issues to reach out for help. Supportive and caring assistance is available in all journey's to recovery.

Centre for Easting and Dieting Disorders 

The Centre for Easting and Dieting Disorders has a number of key functions including

  • to promote awareness of eating disorders as serious mental illnesses, that require treatment and in many cases can be cured
  • to contribute to policy development for the treatment, prevention and cure of eating disorders
  • to improve access to services for people in NSW who have an eating disorder, and their carers
  • to provide support to clinicians in NSW who have taken on the care of people who have an eating disorder
  • to conduct and foster research into the eating disorders, their aetiology, treatment and cure.
  • to educate and train the health workforce in evidence based medicines and treatments for people with eating disorders

The National Eating Disorders Collaboration (NEDC) 

The National Eating Disorders Collaboration (NEDC) collects and provides the latest evidence based research and information available on eating disorders from Australia and around the world.

If you are a parent, a teacher, a clinician, a young person, a researcher or someone with a lived experience of an eating disorder then this website is for you.

The NEDC website is a single gateway through which you can access information on how to approach someone you feel concerned about, download evidence based fact sheets, find out where to go for help and support in your local area and access the latest research on eating disorders.

The NEDC is not a support service; it's a one stop portal to make eating disorders information more accessible for everyone.



Epilepsy Action Australia 

Epilepsy Action is the national provider of specialist epilepsy services. It can help people who experience seizures to live confidently. They deliver innovative, high quality education and support services across Australia to minimise the impact of epilepsy and other seizure disorders.

Epilepsy Action Australia's services include: Individual service plans ; Individual client education; Seizure management planning; Professional education and training and Memory workshops.

You can also find information about first aid, treatment, self-management, safety and lifestyle issues.



Black Dog Institute

Exercise Your Mood Month 1st - 30th September

Exercise Your Mood Month is the Black Dog Institute's annual national fundraising campaign every September to increase awareness, in the community about the importance of regular exercise for maintaining good mental health. People of all ages can participate in either an individual or group exercise throughout the month, by organising their own activity or participating in one of the many Exercise Your Mood community events. 


Department of Health and Ageing - Healthy Weight Website 

The Department of Health and Ageing - Healthy Weight Website offers you helpful information about being active, healthy weight and eating. There is a 'Tools and Tips' page with practical ideas for keeping healthy.

Download the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating poster.


Exercise & Sports Science Australia

Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) is the peak body which represents the Exercise Physiology profession. An exercise physiologist can assist within safely implementing a physical activity program for people who have complex or chronic medical condition (i.e. diabetes, heart disease) while also considering the individual needs of people with mental illness.

The site offers an option for searching Accredited Exercise Physiologist in your area.
Exercise physiologist are a recognised allied health profession, thus rebates for their services may be available.

Please contact ESSA for more information:
P: (07) 3862 4122

You are also encouraged to view this Youtube video which highlights the role exercise physiologists can play in the management of people with serious mental illness.   


Exercise is Medicine Australia

Exercise Is Medicine Australia aims to enhance the health of all Australians by making physical activity a standard part of disease prevention and management. The Exercise is Medicine website is a one-stop shop for all your exercise needs and contains information for both the general public and healthcare professionals including:

  • factsheets outlining how physical activity is used to treat or manage specific medical conditions
  • a user-friendly assessment tool to accurately measure physical activity levels in patients
  • resources for healthcare professionals to support them to address physical activity within their treatments
  • continuing education programs for medical and allied-health professionals, with a focus on exercise as a therapy or medicine for treating specific health issues. 

SANE Australia 

SANE Australia has the SANE Guide to Healthy Living, and the Mind + Body Initiative that provides factsheets on: Healthy Living; Mind and Body - Looking after your physical health when you have a mental illness; Smoking and Mental Illness; Type 2 Diabetes and Mental Illness and smoke free resources. Information is also available to be downloaded to MP3 or via podcast.



Australian Podiatry Association NSW & Queensland 

The Australian Podiatry Association (NSW) is the professional association for all NSW and Queensland registered podiatrists. The Association acts as a contact point for the public.

The website provides Foot Health information and footwear Preferred Providers list and a search engine to locate accredited Podiatrists who are registered for Medicare Benefits.

The Australasian Podiatry Council 

This website allows users to search for a podiatrist by location, name and language spoken. People with diabetes need to take good care of their feet to prevent serious complications.



AIDS Council of NSW (ACON) 

A 24 hour toll free hotline is available if you think you may have been exposed to HIV on: 1800 737 669 (inside NSW).

If you have questions about safe sex or if you have trouble practicing safe sex, you can call The Gay Men's Health Hotline toll free on: 1800 009 448 (costs higher from mobiles and public phones).

You can also make an appointment to see one of ACON's counsellors by calling:           
(02) 9206 2000 (local call cost, costs higher from mobiles or public phones) or toll free 1800 063 060

ACON is a community-based gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) health and HIV/AIDS organisation.

It promotes the health and wellbeing of the GLBT communities and people living with HIV. You can access information and support if you are at risk of, or affected by HIV. It also has information for family, friends and/or carers of people with HIV.

Some services include: A directory for finding gay friendly GP's and where to find your nearest clinic to get tested call 1800 063 060 (costs higher from mobiles and public phones).



Health Information Directories



Planning for retirement is more than money and superannuation, though these do help. There are other things that make life satisfying. Evidence shows that if you come into retirement as healthy as possible, you are more likely to stay that way. This page discusses all the aspects of retirement.

Consumer Health Forum of Australia 

CHF is the peak organisation providing leadership in representing the interests of Australian healthcare consumers. The forum works to achieve safe, good quality, timely healthcare for all Australians, supported by the best health information and systems the country can afford.


This website gives you information on healthy ageing and covers a range of health topics specific to older people.



Australian Hearing 

Australian Hearing provides a full range of hearing services to eligible adults. An Australian Government Services Program Voucher entitles eligible adults to obtain government-subsidised hearing services, which can include appropriate listening devices.

Application forms are available from your GP, local health centre or Australian Hearing centre.

Australian Hearing services are free apart from a small annual fee for batteries and maintenance. Australian Hearing Services provide: hearing assessments, selecting and fitting hearing devices, regular hearing checks to monitor any changes in hearing levels, training to improve listening and communication skills.


Australian Tinnitus Association (ATA) 

ATA provides information, support and counselling to tinnitus sufferers and preventative education to the wider community.

In NSW there are self-help groups in Sydney, Central Coast, Illawarra, Bathurst, Dubbo, Lismore, Newcastle, Tamworth and Taree.

Queensland has groups in Brisbane, Maryborough, Rockhampton and Sunshine Coast.

Better Hearing Australia Inc. 

Better Hearing Australia's purpose is to help people in Australia with hearing impairment to improve their quality of life. The NSW service provides information on hearing loss management strategies, smoke alarms, assistive devices and travel tips and provides a 6 week introductory course in 10 locations in Sydney and in Bateman's Bay.

Deaf Society NSW 

The Deaf Society of NSW is the leading provider of specialist services for people who are deaf and their families in NSW and provides a range of support services, including services to people who may have additional needs due to vision impairment, cerebral palsy or developmental delay.

The Deaf Society's two major goals are to educate and support members of the Deaf Community to enable them to access relevant services and to educate the wider community on the needs of people who are deaf. The organisation provides personal and community support, community development, interpreting, education and training, employment and workplace support, advocacy and distribution of information.

Offices are in: Parramatta, Central Coast, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Lismore, Tamworth & Wollongong.

Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (Australia) Inc. 

SHHH Australia Inc. helps Australians with hearing loss whose primary method of communication is through speech. They give information and advice to people with hearing impairments and their families, while promoting community understanding about hearing loss. SHHH's aim is to assist each person who is hearing impaired to make informed decisions about they manage their hearing loss.

SHHH produces information on a range of topics such as, getting and using hearing aids, hearing loss in the workplace, telephone tactics, using assistive devices and managing hearing loss in the family.

There are 2 Information Centres at Turramurra and Canterbury and support groups in Baulkham Hills, Orange and Newcastle. Various types of equipment can be sampled and tested at the Information Centres.



The Heart Foundation of Australia 

Each state and territory has a 'What's On' page of events and activities coming up.

The Heart Foundation is dedicated to reducing the number of people living with, or dying from heart, stroke and blood vessel disease. They do this through funding of cardiovascular research, supporting health professionals, providing health promotion activities, information and education, and assisting people with cardiovascular disease.

You can access resources on Smoking; Stress; Depression and Coronary heart disease; Dietary fats & dietary cholesterol; Weight; Fish oils; Eggs; Salt and carbohydrates

Mental Health Australia 

MHA's publications page has a 'Mental Health and a Coronary Heart Disease' information sheet that can be downloaded.


Hepatitis NSW 

Hepatitis NSW is the peak community-based Hepatitis C organisation in NSW. It takes a partnership approach with people affected by Hepatitis C and those who are working with it. Educational and workforce development services are provided to healthcare and community workers, and others who work with people affected by or at risk of Hepatitis C.   

You can call the Hepatitis Helpline  on: (02) 9332 1599 (local call cost) or toll free on 1800 803 990 (outside Sydney) (call costs higher from mobiles and public phones).

Available: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.



Take Control: Bladder & Bowel 

The Take Control: Bladder & Bowel website is an initiative of the National Continence Management Strategy. The website contains information and advice on the prevention and management of bladder control and bowel problems. Factsheets are available in a range of languages and cultures, as well as information on the Continence Aids Assistance Scheme that assists eligible people who have permanent and severe incontinence to meet some of the costs of continence products.

Continence Foundation of Australia 

The Continence Foundation of Australia (CFA) is the peak body for continence promotion, management and advocacy.  It has useful information if you are living with incontinence for you and your family and/or carers. It provides community awareness about bladder and bowel health, prevention of incontinence and treatment and management options for incontinence. Factsheet sheets are written specifically for men, women and carers.

The National Continence Helpline is staffed by a team of continence nurse advisors who provide information, education and advice to callers with incontinence or who are caring for someone with incontinence. The Helpline also provides information and advice to health professionals.

Continence Helpline toll free on: 1800 330 066 (call costs higher from mobile and public phones).

Available: Monday to Friday, between 8.00am and 8.00pm.

Kidney Health Australia 

The focus of Kidney Health Australia is to help you if you have a kidney or urinary tract disease as well as your family and/or carers.

Kidney Evaluation for You (KEY) is Kidney Health Australia's chronic kidney disease (CKD) early detection and prevention program for the community. The KEY health check is a free and comprehensive evaluation of kidney function, cardiovascular health and diabetes risk.


Andrology Australia 

The Andrology Australia website provides online access to quality and authenticated information, factsheets, reports and publications about male reproductive health for men, their partners, families and health professionals. The factsheet 'What every man needs to know' is in 12 languages.

Andrology (an-drol'-uh-jee): The study of the functions and diseases specific to males, especially of the reproductive organs. The equivalent to gynaecology for women.

The targeted areas of male reproductive health currently include: Prostate disease including prostate cancer; Testicular cancer; Sexual dysfunction including erectile dysfunction (impotence); Male infertility and use of testosterone treatments.

Prostate Cancer -Cancer Council Australia 

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men with 85% people diagnosed after the age of 65 years. The Cancer Council Australia provides a summary of symptoms, prevention, treatment and prognosis.

The Cancer Council also offers you a confidential telephone helpline if you need information and support services.

Anyone can call the Cancer Council Helpline from- If you are living with cancer, your family, carers and friends, teachers, students and healthcare professionals. Specially trained staff members are available to answer questions about cancer and offer emotional or practical support.

Cancer Council Helpline: 13 11 20 (local call cost from anywhere in Australia, call cost higher from mobiles)

Available: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Mensline Australia 

Mensline Australia is a professional telephone support and information service for men, specialising in relationships, family concerns and conflicts with work colleagues and friends.

Mensline toll free on: 1300 789 978 (call costs higher from mobiles and public phones)s

Available: Nationally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Older Men's Health & Wellbeing 

This website is designed to promote the health and wellbeing of older men, and to assist them to take greater control over their lives by providing a directory of links to useful resources.

These resources include organisations, initiatives, projects and services related to the enhancement of the wellbeing of older men in NSW.


Multicultural HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis C Service 

This website provides multilingual information and resources on HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C.

There is also a link for services in NSW and Queensland.

Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS)


The Department of Immigration and Citizenship provides the TIS National interpreting Service for people who do not speak English and for the English speakers who need to communicate with them. Free interpreting services to non-English speaking Australian citizens or permanent residents communicating with non-profit, non-government, community-based organisations are provided.

TIS National has access to over 1500 contracted interpreters across Australia, speaking more than 160 languages and dialects.

TIS National is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for any person or organisation in Australia requiring interpreting services.



Mental Health Coordinating Council


Sexual Assault Services - NSW Health 

Sexual Assault Services are located in Area Health Services across NSW, and can help you with crisis counselling as well as medical and ongoing counselling needs, help in reporting a sexual assault to the police and preparing for any court hearings or making a victim impact statement. The services are free and confidential and are available to males and females who are:

  • Adult sexual assault victims
  • Adults who was sexually abused as a child or
  • Parents, carers, friends or family of a sexual assault victim.

NSW Health - Sexual Health Infolink

The Sexual Health Infolink is staffed by specialist sexual health nurses who can answer your questions. The Infolink can also provide you with sexual health information and referrals to community members as well as specialist clinical support and information to nurses, doctors and other professionals who are treating clients with sexual health issues.

Sexual Health Information Line toll free on: 1800 451 624 (call costs higher from mobiles and public phones).

Available: Monday to Friday, 9:00am - 5:30pm.




Quitline is a telephone information and advice or counselling service for people who want to quit smoking.

When you call the Quitline you can arrange to have the Quit Book mailed to you and if you want to talk to someone about quitting, they will give you information on:

  • The best way for you to quit
  • Coping with withdrawal symptoms

Quit courses and details of local organisations which provide individual help and counselling

You can phone the Quitline on 137 848 confidentially from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call only.

Cancer Council 

Smoking and disadvantage strategy

Cancer Council NSW believes there are powerful reasons to see smoking as a social justice issue - because tobacco ultimately undermines well-being and personal autonomy.

SANE Australia



Bone Health for Life 

Bone Health for Life provides practical advice for women, and health professionals, to improve bone health to prevent and manage osteoporosis.

BreastScreen NSW 

BreastScreen NSW and Queensland are FREE breast screening services for women aged 50 - 69 years. This government funded service aims to detect breast cancer in its early stages, when treatment can be most effective. BreastScreen NSW operates in over 150 locations state-wide. These locations include 36 fixed sites and more than an additional 120 locations visited by our mobile screening units. See the website to locate a service near you.

NSW Cervical Screening Program 

The NSW and Queensland Cervical Screening Programs aims to reduce the incidence of, and mortality and morbidity attributed to, cervical cancer.

The Pap Test Register provides a follow-up and reminder service to women to ensure they undergo regular two-yearly Pap smears.

Information and resources include publications, brochures in multiple languages and for Aboriginal women, posters videos and disability guidelines.

Jean Hailes 

Jean Hailes for Women's Health provides a unique response to the needs of women through excellence in research, community and professional education and clinical care.

Osteoporosis Australia 

This website provides information about osteoporosis and bone health, including risk factors, prevention, diagnosis and management.



Centre for Eye Health 

The Centre for Eye Health (CFEH) provides eye testing at one location, at no charge. The Centre is available to everyone in the community at risk of developing eye disease.

You require a referral from an optometrist or ophthalmologist. The Centre is located at the University of NSW Kensington campus in eastern Sydney. It is staffed by optometrists and consulting ophthalmologists.

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT 

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT provides people with a range of mobility aids and devices to help people living with impaired vision travel more safely and confidently. Services include training in the use of White Canes, Guide Dogs, mobile phone GPS and electronic mobility devices known as "Miniguides". Training programs are tailored to your specific needs, whether they be to cross the road safely, to find your way to the local shops or to catch public transport to work.

All the mobility aids are available for anyone with vision impairment who is a resident of New South Wales or the ACT, and are provided free of charge.

Guide Dogs Queensland 

Guide Dogs Queensland services include: Guide Dog training and placement; White Cane training; Electronic Travel Aids training; community and professional education workshops; mobility programs for vision impaired and blind children; and counseling by staff psychologist. Services are delivered both in the community and through residential programs during which clients learn new skills and live on site in the Client Residence.

GDQ have seven regional offices at Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Toowoomba and on the Gold and Sunshine coasts.

Vision Australia 

Vision Australia provides a diverse range of services for people who are blind or have low vision. Most of the services are provided free of charge. Services include: Seeing Eye Dogs; Mobility Aids; Equipment solutions; Peer Support Groups; Information; Recreation and adaptive technology training and sources; Education & Advocacy.

NSW Offices are located in Albury, Coffs Harbour, Gosford, Lismore, Newcastle, Orange, Caringbah, Enfield, Tamworth, Wagga Wagga & Wollongong.



Healthy Active Lives (HeAL) consensus statement

Keeping the Body in Mind in Youth with Psychosis