Physical Health Research Project (2014) Outcomes and Recommendations

Meeting the Physical Health Needs of Consumers within NSW Community Organisations: Current Practices and Future Directions

In 2014 MHCC, in partnership with the University of Sydney, Faculty of Health Sciences, conducted an investigation into physical health programs provided by NSW mental health Community Managed Organisations (CMOs) and compared them to international best practice. The study explored staff, consumer and carer perspectives on the benefits, strengths and weaknesses of current programs.

Outcomes from the report highlighted both innovative one-off programs and activities being delivered that are in line with international best practice. There is still a need for more systematic, sustainable practices to ensure services that support consumers address their physical health needs. Methods of sharing knowledge and experience across the sector also need to be improved.

The report was informed by literature that broadly demonstrates that internationally there is still a lack of systemic, routine appraisal of the physical health needs of people living with mental health conditions. Our study demonstrates that this is also true of the CMO sector and health services more broadly in NSW.  

The Project Report is available here

This report presents 'elements of best practice' in the delivery of physical health initiatives and program examples for organisations to learn and reflect on. Recommendations are aimed at further enhancing current practices.