Partnership Development

MHCC works towards promoting partnerships in two ways:

  • Building structures and processes that enhance partnership activities

  • Building sector capacity to work in effective partnership arrangements.

Developing Partnerships in Community Mental Health:
Medicare Locals and Community Organisations Forum - 2014

This Forum was held on 27 March 2014 in partnership with General Practice NSW. This Forum saw 50 representatives of Medicare Locals and Mental Health Community Managed Organisations (CMOs) convene to identify how MLs and CMOs can work more effectively together to improve mental health consumer outcomes and organisational sustainability.

For the full program please see here

Forum Presentations

The agenda and content of the Forum was guided and influenced by the following presentations that were delivered to the Forum.

Summary documents - Forum notes & Forum observatons

Click here for more information for Medicare Locals & GPs about the Community Managed Mental Health Sector.

MHCC & NADA Partnerships Forum & Workshop - 2012

The Partnerships Forum and Workshop was held on Wednesday 9th May 2012 at the Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh, please find below the final Forum & Workshop Report & Powerpoint Presentation.

Creating Partnerships

Partnerships are unique arrangements. Every partnership experience is different, with its own culture and internal dynamics. Partnerships are only as good as the ground work established to support them, so it is important to create organisational partnerships with strong foundations. Whether you are initiating a partnership, representing an organisation in partnership or brokering a partnership MHCC has some resources to assist you to work through partnership development as a structured process, from initial concept development  to formulating agreements and proposal writing. 

The resources are organised into 7 stages of partnership development, from initial concept development to formulating agreements and proposal writing. The resource provides advice and discussion on the stages of partnership development. The supporting links will take you to a variety of websites, documents and publications. In some cases the material will specifically address partnership issues while other links will lead you to more broadly used tools and information on developing partnerships.

The 7 Stages of Partnership Development:

This resource presents partnership development as a structured process, from initial concept development to formulating agreements and proposal writing.

  1. Creating and communicating a shared vision - Articulating a vision for the partnership can help give it meaning and inspire others. The preparation of a Concept Paper provides a preliminary form of communication and a developmental tool to summarise your business idea. Developa list of potential partnership stakeholders. Resource

  2. Building an evidence base to support your vision - Evidence should be gathered to support the partnership concept / vision and move the partnership  forward. It can be helpful to look at a group based approach to gathering data and analysing information and identifying the needs and or gaps and opportunities. Resource

  3. Determining stakeholder readiness - Take time to determine your organisational readiness and the suitability of other stakeholders. Findingtrustworthy partners, with complementary resources, capabilities and products whom you trust, is crucial to partnership success. Resource 

  4. Establishing partnership dynamics - Once partner suitability has been ascertained, a partnership is ready to develop and boundaries must be set. There are working tools that shape collaborative partnership dynamics or conditions of the partnership. What is acceptable and unacceptable stakeholder behaviour? What are the perimeters for negotiation? What are the signs and signals of trust between stakeholders? Resource 

  5. Creating a blueprint for your venture - Develop a model that describes the partnership venture. Stakeholders should clearly identify roles and responsibilities within the partnership, allocate resources and coordination outcomes.  Resource 

  6. Governance planning - Develop group decision making and governance structures for the partnership, entry and exit protocols and dispute resolution procedures. Once established, an implementation plan or framework can be developed with key objectives and performance indicators that describe how the new venture will unfold and how long this will take.  Resource 

  7. Agreement writing - Develop a formal agreement that encompasses the agreed intentions of all partners and their organisations, including the nature of the partnership relationship and expectations and outcomes that will maintain partnership alignment.  Resource

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