It's time to meet your neighbour

Local networking events strengthening working relationships in the mental health sector 


The Mental Health Coordinating Council invites member and other community organisations with an interest in mental health, to get connected by attending or hosting a Meet Your Neighbour event.

What is a Meet Your Neighbour event?

Meet Your Neighbour networking events are an approach of the MHCC to encourage organisations to meet, learn more about each other and find ways to work better together. Meeting your neighbours is the first step in the process of getting to know them and the services they provide. The get-togethers are generally up to 2 ½ hours long, some-what informal and allow plenty of time for networking.

Who are the Neighbours?

Your neighbours are those targeting the same groups or delivering similar or complementary services in your geographic area, particularly sharing an interest in mental health.

Why make time to attend an event?

Experience has shown that through Meet Your Neighbour events, working relationships and referral pathways have been established or strengthened, and consumers and carers have been better matched to programs and services in their area. It is a great opportunity to promote your organisation and programs. You are encouraged to bring along business cards and promotional materials for your projects or services.

How will I know when an event is on in my area?

Meet Your Neighbour events are advertised in MHCC's weekly FYI e-Newsletter. If you don't already receive FYI subscribe today. Email:

Why not host an event?

What better a way to get to know your neighbours than to have them visit you, see where you are and meet your team? MHCC works with the host organisation to send out the invitations, manage the responses and to provide support as needed - all you have to do is provide a venue which comfortably seats at least 40 people and put on a light morning tea.

Meet Your Neighbour co-hosts wanted

Or contact:

Sarah Jane (SJ) Edwards  - Manager, Partnerships and Communications
P:  02 9555 8388 ext 116 E: