Sector Mapping Project

Start Date: April 2008
Completion Date: September 2010


This project was undertaken to gain a current picture of the mental health sector in NSW, as there has been significant change over the past few years. A literature search and NGO survey provided information about current strengths, gaps and opportunities for improvement in service delivery.


  • Identify the capacity and quality of the current NGO mental health sector, including NGOs funded by bodies other than NSW Health.
  • Provide recommendations for NSW Health about opportunities for developing the sector.

Final Report and outcomes

Who was involved:

  • Jenna Bateman, CEO (in consultation with the Board)
  • ARTD, Data Analyst Consultants
  • MDHAO's Continuing Care Working Group

Opportunities for involvement:

Sector wide opportunities for mental health funded NGOs, as well as other NGOs that provide mental health activities funded by other bodies. Input was invited through a survey distributed in mid 2008. MHCC will also sought input from individuals and/ or agencies with specific expertise as needed.

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