Reframing Responses - Supporting Women Survivors of Child Abuse:

Stage One

The Reframing Responses stage 1 research project was completed in early August 2006. The  Literature Review, Report and Recommendations have been widely distributed. An article has been  published on Auseinetter, a quarterly publication and website journal. MHCC then developed a  proposal for a second stage of the project to be conducted in 2007 - 2008.

Stage Two

Information Resource Guide and Workbook for Community Managed Organisations

Start Date: October 2008
Completion Date: December 2009 - Submitted to funder
Extension: Updated manual and launch of newly designed version - Dec 2010.

In 2006, the Mental Health Coordinating Council (MHCC) secured a grant from the Victims of Violent Crime Grant Program to conduct Reframing Responses: Improving service provision to women survivors of child sexual abuse who experience mental health problems (2006).

This research project undertook to study the capacity across and between non-government organisations to provide services to women survivors of childhood sexual abuse with complex needs, by evaluating existing service delivery. It sought to develop an understanding of safety issues, models of care and identify gaps, inequalities and barriers to access as well as to provide recommendations for service delivery.

Subsequently, the Victims of Violent Crime Grant Program provided funding for stage two of the project: Reframing Responses - Supporting Women Survivors of Child Abuse: Information Resource Guide and Workbook for Community Managed Organisations. The project aims are to assist those working in a broad range of community services to understand the dynamics of childhood abuse, assisting them to make sense of the context in which problems affecting their clients developed.

The Information Resource Guide provides workers with practical guidelines to assist survivors along their pathway to recovery and aims to inform and support the many community services in daily contact with adult survivors presenting with complex needs which require referral to other services. The Workbook includes some reflective practice exercises for workers to consider and discuss with colleagues.

Our objective is that the Information Resource Guide and Workbook will serve as an invaluable resource for a wide range of services including community mental health and other community services; medical practitioners and allied health professionals; school teachers; voluntary organisations; carers and anyone in contact with survivors in their work. Survivors may also find the Workbook a useful tool which both acknowledges and validates their experience, and may assist them in consumer advocacy contexts.

Resource Guide and Workbook

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