Routine Consumer Outcome Monitoring (RCOM) Project

Start Date: September 2007
Completion Date: November 2009


This project continued on from the needs identified in the NGO Development Strategy, completed in September 2007. It involved preparing the NGO mental health sector for the use of consumer outcome measures as a means of improving service planning and delivery. Workshops were held across NSW and training packages were developed.

Project Aims:

• Increased number of mental health NGOs collecting and using consumer outcome data to inform service delivery
• Staff and management of NGOs are well informed about the benefits and processes involved

Who was involved:

• Jenna Bateman, CEO (in consultation with Board)
• Jonine Penrose-Wall, Project Consultant
• Julie Millard, Consultant

Opportunities for involvement:

There were sector wide opportunities for mental health funded NGOs to attend workshops and training.