No Wrong Door: Mental Health Drug & Alcohol Change Management Project

Start Date: July 2008
Estimated Completion Date:December 2009 (Training)
                                         December 2010 (Evaluation)


The NSW Health funded "No Wrong Door" project is a partnership with the Network of Alcohol and Drug Agencies (NADA) to increase the confidence and capacity of community mental health organizations & workers in responding to the needs of people with both mental health and substance use problems. The project uses an organizational change management approach involving training and service development to improve skills in responding to substance use issues.

Throughout 2009, training was provided to 125 participants 20 organisations and 40 programs and in six locations across NSW as follows:

1. Penrith - Aftercare
2. Darlinghurst - NEAMI (including statewide Senior Practice Leaders)
3. Stanmore & Blacktown - Aftercare 


4. Wagga - multiagency (lead agency is SFNSW)
5. Tamworth - multiagency (lead agency is Billabong Clubhouse) 
6. Port Macquarie - multiagency (lead agency is Centacare)

The training component of the project has now concluded. A May 2010 report from MHCC to NADA on the implementation phase of the project including some early evaluation results is attached here.

Evaluation through a partnership with the University of Wollongong Illawarra Institute of Mental Health continues throughout 2010 using a variety of pre and post training qualitative and quantitative measures including:

  • Dual Diagnosis Capability in Mental Health Teams (DDCMHT);
  • Comorbidity Problems Perceptions Questionnaire (CMPPQ); and.
  • Evidence Based Practices Attitudes Scale (EBPAS).

A January 2011 Brief Overview of Evaluation findings is attached here. A final project report including full evaluation findings and recommendations will soon be available.

"No Wrong Door" training was aligned with units of competence from the Community Services Training Package for participants wanting to pursue nationally recognized qualifications through MHCC's Learning and Development Unit (LDU). The LDU continues to offer this training from 2010 as part of Certificate IV in Mental Health qualification via the following courses:

Foundations of Alcohol and Other Drugs: Working Within the Mental Health Context

CHCAOD402A Work effectively in the alcohol and other drugs sector

Assessing and Addressing the Needs of Mental Health Consumers Who Use Alcohol and Other Drugs

CHCMH408A Provide interventions to meet to needs of consumers with MH & AOD issues
CHCAOD408A Assess the needs of clients with AOD issues
CHCCS403B Provide brief interventions,
CHCAOD411A Provide brief interventions for people with AOD issues

These courses also provide a pathway toward achieving the Diploma in Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs.


Information gathered through implementation and evaluation of the No Wrong Door project will be used as the basis to pursue further opportunities for mental health and AOD workforce and sector development and beyond 2010.

No Wrong Door Final Report


Who is involved:

MHCC - Tina Smith, Senior Policy Officer/Workforce Development
MHCC - Tully Rosen, Policy & Research Officer
MHCC - Learning & Development Unit
NADA - Heidi Becker, Senior Policy Officer
University of Wollongong - Illawarra Institute of Mental Health, Dr Trevor Crowe
MHCC Member organisations & service users


Tina Smith