Policy Resource Development Project

Start date: April 2011
Completion Date: January 2013 


Policy Resource Development Project (MHCC Organisation Builder - Policy Resource)

MHCC conducted a project to develop a Policy Resource for use by MHCC members.

The MHCC Organisation Builder (MOB) Policy Resource was developed during 2011/12. It has now been completed and can be accessed here.

Policy development and review is an important task that all organisations must undertake to increase the quality and effectiveness of the services that they deliver, and towards meeting the requirements of accreditation.

The MOB Policy Resource is now available here! It is a web-based resource that includes a User Guide and a repository of more than 200 separate policy and procedure templates, supporting documents and resource links, to promote organisational development. The MOB Policy Resource has six key categories with cross-referencing between policies:

  • Service Management
  • Decision Making, Rights & Feedback
  • Family, Community & Diversity
  • Promotion & Prevention
  • Research & Development, and
  • Service Access.

The policies have been mapped to the following frameworks to support accreditation processes:

  • EQuIP4 and EQuIP5 (Australian Council on Healthcare Standards)
  • Health and Community Service Standards (6th edition) (Quality Improvement Council)
  • The National Mental Health Standards
  • The NSW Disability Services Standards, and
  • MHCC's Recovery Oriented Service Self-Assessment Toolkit (ROSSAT).

The MOB Policy Resource has been developed to be applicable across a range of recovery-oriented service types and organisational sizes. The resource will be especially useful to small and/or emerging organisations and programs wanting to adapt a wide range of policies, and those wanting to reflect on their workplace approaches in a particular area, such as, trauma informed care, physical health care, palliative care, service coordination, or leadership.

MHCC thanks the NSW Network for Alcohol and Other Drugs Agencies (NADA) for the concept to develop the MOB Policy Resource. The resources will also be helpful to organisations providing services to people with substance use problems wanting to strengthen their disability and recovery orientation.

For more information about the MOB Policy Resource please contact MHCC Senior Policy Officer, Tina Smith: