Data Management Strategy

Start Date: March 2009
Completion Date: October 2010


The information management needs of the community managed organisation (CMO) mental health sector have changed dramatically. An increasing number of CMOs now have contractual agreements with both Commonwealth and State government departments. CMOs report separately to each of the funding bodies on different aspects of their work. There is no over-arching mechanism by which to understand the service delivery characteristics and outcomes of CMO mental health programs or the total impact of the sector. 

As more investment is made in the sector by Governments and other funders, it is becoming more critical to have reliable information and data with which to plan, resource, analyse, manage and support strategic decision making and service provision that is based on best practice and continuous quality improvement. 

MHCC developed a structured approach to data management in consultation with the sector.

Outcomes of the Data Management Strategy

1. Comprehensive Data Set and Minimum Data Set for NSW CMO mental health programs, which is the first step toward data system compatibility and integration with NSW and Commonwealth departments.
2. Development of a Data Dictionary for NSW CMOs based on the National Health Data Dictionary.
3. Discussion and recommendations leading to the Data Management Strategy Phase 2 (beginning October 2010).

Who was involved?

  • Data Management Strategy Reference Group - consisted of member CMOs, NADA and MHCC - Jenna Bateman CEO, Julie Millard Project Consultant
  • Three Working Groups were established:

1. MDS Working Group
2. Data Dictionary Working Group
3. Systems Working Group