What are my rights?


The Mental Health Rights Manual is an online guide to legal and human rights and the service system that supports people with lived experience of mental health conditions in NSW. This edition represents a major update from two earlier online editions. This 4th edition incorporates the most recent available information about state and national legislative reform and government policy directions.

Written in plain English, this edition is an invaluable freely accessible resource. It information useful to anyone who has to navigate the complex terrain of the mental health, legal, and human service systems in NSW. This manual provides information about rights and can assist you in finding where you can access support, information and guidance for yourself or those you wish to assist.

Although there is an abundance of specific information available, there is no other resource that brings together such a broad spectrum of topics that affect people with mental health conditions; that describes the interface between the legal and service systems in NSW.

The 4th Edition speaks to a diverse mental health and disability community but has been developed specifically for people with mental health conditions, their carers and families and the workforce that supports them across community and public agencies and services.

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This 4th Edition of the Manual was undertaken by the Mental Health Coordinating Council (MHCC) with the support of the Mental Health Commission of NSW.