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The following links may help you or someone you wish to support to access more information about mental health and navigating the mental health, human and legal service systems. The MENTAL HEALTH RIGHTS MANUAL: An online guide to the legal and human rights of people navigating the mental health and human service systems in NSW (4th Edition) 2015.

For a helpful guide to some key terms we suggest you visit Chapter 12 A and Chapter 12 D

The Mental Health Association launched The Way Ahead Directory that contains up-to-date information on over 4200 mental health and welfare related services across NSW. The directory is available online at and is free to access.

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Mental Health Policy and Legislation

National and NSW Reform Agenda 2015 - 2016

Federal Government

NSW Government

NSW Local Health Districts and Specialty Networks

Primary Health Networks in Australia

Other peak mental health organisations in Australia

The National peak body for mental health organisations is Mental Health Australia

There is an NGO peak organisation like MHCC in all states and territories

Other Useful Links

Regulations and Standards