Gambling and Mental Health

Professional Development Series


Do you support people whose lives are effected by gambling?

"Almost one in five people presenting to a public mental health service had a gambling problem and half of those were at risk of suicide." Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre, Vic

Financial, legal, relationship, housing, drug and alcohol, and mental health problems can be exacerbated or caused by gambling.

This two day workshop is an essential learning opportunity for mental health and community workers who support people that are vulnerable to problem gambling, their families and carers.

Participants will explore the consequences of gambling for individuals and the wider community and learn to recognise when gambling becomes problematic.

Core skills include motivational interviewing techniques and strategies for evoking a person's own motivation and readiness to make change happen.

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Who is this for?

  • Mental health workers
  • Community sector workers
  • Any workers supporting people whose lives may be effected by problem gambling



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Face-to-face Workshops

This qualification requires attendance at 2 full-day face-to-face training sessions.*

Statement of Participation

A statement of participation will be granted upon satisfactory attendance of the required training sessions.

*Subject to change. Training requirements will be confirmed upon enrolment.


Key Learnings

  • Gambling.
  • Recognise and assess gambling issues and related concerns.
  • Facilitate discussion about gambling within mental health recovery context.
  • Apply strategies for supporting change.
  • Explore gambling specific referral options.

Units of Competency

This course has no accredited units of competency.