Cultural Safety in Supervision – Workshops for managers and supervisors of Aboriginal workers

Professional Development Series


Aboriginal staff are invaluable in attracting and supporting Aboriginal consumers and carers. Having an understanding of Aboriginal culture and common issues and practices greatly enhances a supervisor’s relationship with Aboriginal workers, and the performance and retention of those workers.*

Aboriginal staff have to balance personal and cultural issues and obligations that impact on their professional life, for example the sudden responsibility for extra children; the need to take several days leave to attend a community funeral; or family business that prevents workers from attending work or being contacted. As a supervisor trying to balance workloads and organisational requirements with empathy and social justice perspectives, this can be very challenging.

Whatever your level of cultural competence or supervision experience, this 2-day, strengths-based training will increase your ability to understand, connect and communicate with Aboriginal people. You will also gain practical skills to provide a culturally safe environment that empowers both you and the worker to provide great outcomes for consumers, staff and your organisation.


* Feedback from supervisors during external evaluation of the successful Aboriginal Careers in Mental Health program.


Who is this for?

Anyone who is supervising or managing Aboriginal Staff, in a variety of roles across community services. 

Entry Requirements

You must be supervising or managing Aboriginal staff, or be expecting to within the next three months. 


What others have said about this course

“The workshop was great for providing a personal side to the principles of cultural awareness—[Our trainer] was so generous in telling her personal story, it went to another level of understanding of what it means to support Aboriginal people in the workplace.” 

"It will make me more conscious of my interactions with my Indigenous employees and listening skills in particular. It also makes me more aware of the role of my team in advocating within the wider organisation."
"The opportunity was facilitated for participants to talk through real life application of content. The content was at a wonderful pace, was inclusive and directed from space of positivity and empowerment."
"Very practical and applicable in the real world. Lots of discussion and opportunity to learn from different experiences. The styles and input and expertise of Ian and Mark complement each other well."

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Face-to-face Workshops

This qualification requires attendance at 2 full-day face-to-face training sessions.*

Statement of Participation

A statement of participation will be granted upon satisfactory attendance of the required training sessions.

*Subject to change. Training requirements will be confirmed upon enrolment.


Supervision and leadership of Aboriginal staff using cultural safety techniques, including:

  • The complexities of Aboriginal peoples and ways to grow your relationship
  • Identifying and responding to cultural needs, obligations and values
  • Communication, problem solving and addressing conflict
  • Preparing personal development plans, reviewing performance and addressing barriers
  • How organisational culture can impact Aboriginal people
  • Culturally appropriate recruitment and retention strategies
  • Supporting the team to value their Aboriginal co-workers and to understand the culturally different work practices


This course is delivered using a two-trainer model. Trainers are Aboriginal people who share their experience of workplace supervision through the training.