Navigating the NDIS

Professional Development Series

This course has been developed against the following publication:

MHCC (2016), Navigating the NDIS: Lessons Learned through the Hunter Trial

The course provides an orientation/induction to the NDIS from a NSW mental health perspective and has been developed to assist people in NSW with NDIS transition between 2016 and 2019.

Participants are guided through how the NDIS works including essential knowledge and lessons learned through the Hunter trial. They learn how the NDIS can benefit people with mental health conditions to gain enhanced support. The course contributes to enhanced capability to navigate the NDIS from a mental health perspective. 

The key learning outcomes of the course relate to:

  • Orientation to NDIS and mental health (NSW)
  • Increased knowledge of NSW NDIS transition (mental health)
  • Benefitting from lessons learned through NDIS trial
  • Enhanced capability to navigate the NDIS.

Who is this for?

The course is suitable for all interested in learning more about the NDIS from a mental health/psychosocial disability perspective: LHD mental health workers, psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery support workers, peer workers, team leaders, consumers and carers alike.

Professional Development Course Fee

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Face-to-face Workshops

This qualification requires attendance at 1 full-day face-to-face training session.*

Statement of Participation

A statement of participation will be granted upon satisfactory attendance of the required training sessions.

Orientation to NDIS and mental health (NSW)

  • What is the NDIS?
  • Individual Funded Packages
  • Information, Linkages and Capacity-building
  • What is the NDIA?
  • What is psychosocial disability?
  • Introducing NDIS funded services and supports

Essential NDIS knowledge

  • Choice and Control
  • Eligibility
  • Access (Access Request Form)
  • Access Review
  • Service Planning
  • Service Coordination
  • Service Review
  • Individual Funding Management

Increased knowledge of NSW NDIS transition (mental health)

  • NSW NDIS transition plan
  • New entrants to the NDIS (including Commonwealth mental health programs client transition to the NDIS)
  • Local Area Coordination
  • Supporting people to access the NDIS

Benefitting from lessons learned through NDIS trial

  • Work to engage consumers and carers in the NDIS opportunity
  • Assist consumers to gather evidence of impairment/disability
  • ‘Your’ client is now a customer
  • You will need customer service skills
  • Expect innovations in service delivery
  • Documentation of service delivery will be more frequent
  • The NDIS will not solve everything
  • Stay positive about the opportunities presenting
  • Enhanced integration and coordination of services
  • Embrace the learning arising and pursue reflective practice

Enhanced capability to navigate the NDIS

Across the course participants are provided with the opportunity to apply knowledge and skill in their use of:

  • NDIS Access Request Form
  • Evidence supporting an access request
  • Sample NDIA NDIS access determination letter
  • Sample NDIS plans for people with psychosocial disability (de-identified)
  • Exploring the value of NDIS and mental health Community/s of Practice