Capacit-e mental health e-learning

Building an e-capable community

e-learning is revolutionising education  with accessible, interactive learning which caters to a range of learning styles.

After nearly a decade of assisting organisations to work effectively and support people with mental health conditions, MHCC is thrilled to be joining the e-learning revolution too. We’re working towards building an e-capable community sector with Capacit-e mental health e-learning, our new range of e-learning products.

Capacit-e makes learning more flexible, affordable and fun for organisations and individuals alike. Now you can build your knowledge and skill base when, where and how it suits you.


Who is Capacit-e For?

Capacit-e isn’t just for organisations or mental health workers. People with experience of mental health conditions, friends, family members, colleagues and anyone with an interest in mental health will find lots of information to help them understand how they can support their own or other’s recovery.

Check out this preview from
Understanding Mental Health Recovery,
the first in our new suite of Mental Health Recovery modules.

“[Understanding Mental Health Recovery] was amazing. I come from a non-mental health acute care nursing background and I didn’t realise that recovery from a mental illness was possible without professional intervention. The course has changed my whole perspective on mental health and I particularly liked the overwhelming sense of hope and possibility conveyed in the personal stories of recovery.” 

Lisa Todd - Online Learning Participant


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We’re Evolving So You Can Too

The Capacit-e range of learning products will continue to expand in response to changing community needs, research developments, practice approaches and legislative reform. This will include courses in the following areas:

  • mental health peer work
  • trauma-informed care and practice
  • sector/organisation induction

Capacit-e For Organisations

  • Organisations may wish to deliver Capacit-e learning products via their internal Learning Management System (LMS). Contact us for licensing information.
  • Put your stamp on learning products with 3 levels of brand customisation options. Check out our interactive Brand Customisation Guide 
  • For organisations just beginning their e-learning journey, MHCC can provide some advice on what to consider when selecting an LMS. Ask us today

Capacit-e Enquiry 

Contact us today to discuss a Capacit-e product option that’s right for your organisational needs:

P: 02 9555 8388 ex 106