Working Safe Toolkit

MHCC's Working Safe Toolkit was officially launched on 26 November 2010 in Ballina by Jenny Thomas, Director Industry Relationships Group, Work Health & Safety Division, WorkCover NSW. Read her launch speech  which talked about the importance and timeliness of this resource.

The MHCC Working Safe Toolkit has been designed to educate, reinforce and encourage a safe and aware workplace culture. The toolkit focuses on safe practices for home visiting but much of the information and guidance it contains is also applicable to other direct-support situations where staff meet with consumers in other locations. By using this resource, managers of organisations can be proactive in establishing a safe workplace culture while retaining a supportive and recovery-focused service for consumers.

The Working Safe toolkit is comprised of the following:

Overview document

The overview document addresses the background to the development of the toolkit highlighting key components of reducing risk drawn from a literature review. Also covered are OH&S training issues and research supporting the importance of a recovery-oriented approach.

Check sheets

The check sheets provide a summary of key issues that can be easily read if pinned up around a room to promote and reinforce a safe workplace culture.

1. Safe and aware workplace culture
2. Managing distress and injury at work
3. Professional boundaries

4. Sharing information
5. Organisational responsibilities

6. Home visiting assessments
7. Safety guide for mindful practice
8. Transport for consumers
9. Emergencies & incidents

10.  Quality review and OH&S

Home visiting guide

The home visiting guide brochure functions like a mental checklist specifically for support workers conducting home visits and can be kept in a convenient place for quick review prior to each visit.

The home visiting guide has been prepared as a double-sided DL-3 fold brochure. For printers able to print double sided the following print options will apply: Properties > Landscape > Finishing > Print Style: 2-sided Printing > Binding location: Short Edge (Left)

Sample policies

Sample policies provide an example or guide to developing organisational policies in relation to home visiting

1. Organisational OH&S Management and Board
2. Safe practice procedures (home visiting)

3. Safe transportation of consumers
4.  Critical incident reporting

Sample assessments

Sample assessments provide examples of the type of assessment documents your organisation may need to create for the purposes of home visiting assessment and review.

1. Assessment for aggression
2.  Home assessment

Download, display, adapt and promote

The Working Safe toolkit is designed for organisations to use as is or to adapt the materials to better suit their specific requirements. In any case, use these materials to help promote the workplace culture that is necessary for reducing the risk of harm to staff and reducing the costs to organisations for insurance premiums and managing claims  

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Do You Work Safe?


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