Mental Health Recovery Philosophy Into Practice - A workforce development guide

This workforce development guide is the Mental Health Coordinating Council's response to an identified need for a coordinated and strategic approach to the growth of the community-based mental health sector. The guide is fundamentally structured towards a whole-of-systems approach which will assist community organisations to embody the principles of a recovery-oriented organisation and work effectively, and in collaboration with consumers and carers, to achieve these outcomes in practical terms.

The guide is structured according to the nine key workforce pathways that organisations must consider in working towards becoming, or sustaining, a recovery-oriented organisation. This guide recognises that fundamental to achieving each pathway is the mental health support workforce that the organisation relies on to implement its vision and service objectives. The vision for recoveryoriented organisations incorporates a workforce that is compassionate, collaborative, skilled and diverse. This is what makes this guide unique - it is about creating a recovery-oriented organisation through workforce development, in partnership with consumers and carers.

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