The Mental Health Coordinating Council is pleased to announce that from 2017, newparadigm, the Australian Journal on Psychosocial Rehabilitation, will be published in partnership between (Psychiatric Disability Services Victoria (VICSERV) and Community Mental Health Australia (CMHA), the community mental health national peak body.


newparadigm has a long and valued history as a journal both in Victoria and nationally. It is a key communication platform for the community managed mental health sector and more broadly in the mental health sector, where it has a national reach.


Under the new collaborative arrangement each edition will strive to represent Australia-wide mental health issues and involve contributors from across Australia, with the content determined by a Journal Editorial Group (JEG), which comprises of a representative from each peak community mental health organisation in Australia and CMHA.

About newparadigm

The newparadigm journal exists to encourage discussion and information sharing on material relevant to mental health such as innovative service programs, new research and current thinking on policy and service provision.


Members of each peak community mental health organisation across Australia and a number of individual subscribers receive newparadigm three times a year.  newparadigm is also sent to politicians, policy makers, state, territory and federal government officials.


All material published in newparadigm is copyright. Organisations wishing to reproduce any material contained in newparadigm should seek permission from the editor and author. In the first instance, please contact VICSERV on +61 3 9519 7000 or by email: to discuss.

Subscribe to newparadigm

newparadigm is now available for free, as an online publication, along with factsline e-Newsletter and the Training Bulletin. To receive notifications of new editions click here and check the boxes for the communication you would like to receive. You can unsubscribe at any time using the link at the bottom of the email.

Contributing to newparadigm

We welcome contributions to newparadigm on issues relevant to mental health and the edition’s theme. The editor retains the right to accept, edit and reject all contributions.

Guide on contributions

  • Articles should generally be about 1,500 words in length

  • Major articles should not exceed 4,000 words

  • Brief articles (such as book reviews) should be around 500 words

  • Letters to the Editor should not exceed 500 words

  • Articles should use Harvard style referencing and use citations where appropriate

  • Submissions should be emailed as a Microsoft Word file

  • All articles should state:

      • Title of the article

      • The author(s) name, position/preferred title and organisation (if applicable)

      • An email address for correspondence

Guide on images

  • We like to include profile images of the author(s) to accompany the articles and would encourage other photos as they relate to the article. These should be provided in JPEG format

  • Please note any acknowledgements/photo credits/captions necessary for images

For a detailed guide for contributions to newparadigm, including preferred  referencing style, please contact us on +61 3 9519 7000 or by email:


Your feedback is important to us as it helps us to continue publishing quality writing and interesting opinions to our readership. Why not get your view out there by sending us a Letter to the Editor. We’d love to hear from you! Please contact us on +61 3 9519 7000 or by email: