Digital Self-Help Resources

Accessing support online can be a useful step in recovery. There are many resources that are free or low cost. A key benefit of online tools is they are available 24 hours a day and can help you identify symptoms and behaviour patterns to discuss further with your support network.

On this page you will find resources for:

Mental Health


myCompass is a website that provides a personalized self-help program that can be used on your phone, computer or tablet. It is your Mental Health Toolkit to help learn new ways to deal with thoughts, feelings and behaviours through self-assessment, including a symptom tracker and journal.           provides practical online tools and support to young people get through everything from everyday issues to tough times. Resources include factsheets, apps, videos and community forums.


MindShift is an app designed to help teens and young adults cope with anxiety. It can help you change how you think about anxiety. Rather than trying to avoid anxiety, you can make an important shift and face it. MindShift is your portable coach, helping you face challenging situations and take charge of your life.

This way up

This site provides online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) courses that have been proven to lessen anxiety and depression. It is a practical and engaging way to overcome mental health issues. We teach how to change thought patterns, so you can start coping better.

e-hub Mental Health

Based at ANU, e-hub develops and delivers free psycho-education and psychological interventions for common mental health problems.

Their self-help programs include:


MoodGym is an online interactive cognitive behaviour (CBT) and interpersonal based therapy program used as a preventative and self-help tool for young people experiencing mild to moderate levels of depression or anxiety. It empowers the user, through the completion of five modules, with cognitively based strategies to better manage emotional distress.


e-couch provides self-help modules for depression, general anxiety and social anxiety using strategies drawn from cognitive behavioural and interpersonal therapies, relaxation, and physical activity. e-couch also includes modules for separation and divorce, and loss and bereavement.

Blue Pages

Bluepages provides information about treatments for depression based on the latest scientific evidence, as well as symptom quizzes and relaxation downloads, and links to other helpful resources.

The WayAhead Directory

The WayAhead Directory is a comprehensive, free online database of mental health and community services in NSW. The Directory contains up to date information on 6000 services in NSW. There is a wealth of information on mental health and other services, including resources that help explain and define common mental health terms and jargon, as well as fact sheets, legislation ,current government programs, where to get help, and treatments. 

Drug & Alcohol


The AODconnect app is a national directory of alcohol and other drug treatment services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The app allows you to find services by state, territory and/or region through an interactive map of Australia or filter by alphabetical listing or treatment service. The information provided is comprehensive and does not rely on outside links, which means that contact information for each service is available offline. Available for both Apple and Android devices.


The Cassava app has been designed to make it easier to take the small steps required each day to build a strong foundation in recovery. Within the app you can easily locate nearby meetings, monitor moods and activities and track daily progress. Available for both Apple and Android devices.

Overcoming Addictions

Confidential and interactive online course that can help you achieve and maintain abstinence from addictions. It's based on the 4-Point Program® of SMART Recovery. There are a number of interactive tools to help you achieve your goals. Overcoming Addictions has separate modules for addiction recovery from alcohol, marijuana, opioids, stimulants, as well as compulsive gambling.


Suicide Prevention

iBobbly – Digital Dog

iBobbly is a trial of the world’s first suicide prevention app designed especially for use by Indigenous people on mobile phones or tablet devices. The app delivers treatment-based therapy in a culturally relevant way. The app format leaps two of the major hurdles to help seeking – perceived stigma and geographical isolation. Once the app is downloaded users don’t need ongoing internet access and the program is password protected, maintaining confidentiality if the technology is shared amongst the community.


BeyondNow is a safety planning smartphone app and website. It has been specifically designed with input from Australian clinicians and individuals with lived experience of suicide. Safety planning is designed to provide people with a structured approach to managing psychological distress and suicidal ideation, which can reduce their immediate risk of engaging in suicidal behaviour.


With MY3 users define their support network and their plan to stay safe. MY3 helps users identify their 3 to make sure that they are there to help when they are needed most. Available on Apple and Android devices.


General Health

Healthdirect app

This free health app helps users make informed decisions about their health. The app can be used to check symptoms, find a health service and search for trusted health information with all information sourced from Australia’s leading health organisations. The app can also display latitude and longitude coordinates to relay to emergency service operators when you don’t know exactly where you are.

Reactivate wellbeing challenge

Workforce inefficiencies cost Australian companies billions each year. The Reactivate Wellbeing Challenge app and platform is an employee wellness program that guides employees through eight key areas of holistic wellbeing, offering ways to maximise happiness and satisfaction.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) is recommended as one of the first treatment choices for insomnia. SHUTi is based on CBT-I and helps users track, understand and change their sleep behaviour through putting users in control of their therapy progress.