Community Managed Mental Health Programs

The community managed mental health sector provides a wide range of programs and services. The following are some of the key programs funded by Commonwealth and State Governments and provided by community managed organisations (CMOs).

For a list of service providers in NSW see the WayAhead Directory.

For Partners in Recovery Consortium programs click here.

Note: Referrals systems differ across programs and providers and most accept third party and self-referral.

NSW Ministry of Health

The Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative (HASI)

  • Housing linked to treatment and psychosocial rehabilitation services
  • Tailored for people with a range of psychosocial disabilities.

Recovery and Resource Services Program (RRSP)

  • Establishing community links
  • Transition to independent living and employment

Family and Carer Mental Health Support Program

  • Education, training and peer support
  • Individual support and advocacy services

Commonwealth Department of Health

Partners in Recovery (PIR)

  • Short-term service coordination for adults with 'severe and enduring mental illness'
  • Systems change and reform

Day to Day Living (D2DL)

  • Structured activity programs to support independent living
  • Access to social and educational activities


  • Youth specific mental health service
  • Holistic on-site support

Commonwealth Department of Social Services

The Personal Helpers and Mentors Service (PHaMs)

  • community integration support
  • connection to leisure & vocational services

Mental Health Respite: Carer Support

  • Relief from the caring role and carer support
  • Education, and information for carers

Employment Services

  • disability employment support
  • assisting people into employment


The WayAhead Directory

The WayAhead Directory is a comprehensive, free online database of mental health and community services in NSW. The Directory contains up to date information on 6000 services in NSW. There is a wealth of information on mental health and other services, including resources that help explain and define common mental health terms and jargon, as well as fact sheets, legislation ,current government programs, where to get help, and treatments.